Lip Enhancement

Interface Skin Care

Founded in 1998 by Opthalmic Plastic Surgery, Interface Skin Care (ISC) is a clinic that specializes in aesthetic surgery. Initially, the company was started by only four medical professionals with a chief concentration on a make- over for the eyes and face. Over the years, ISC has expanded with about eight physicians who have their own specialization including an entire body enhancement.

Dermatology is just one of the cosmetic procedures that Interface Skin Care (ISC) performs. The company caters to any kind of demographic be it adults, teenagers and kids. There are three branches in this aspect namely general, surgical and laser. General covers eliminating warts, rashes, allergies and acnes. Surgical will eliminate moles that are benign. Laser will remedy pigmented spots, freckles and leg veins, among the others.

The visage is another cosmetc procedure of Interface Skin Care (ISC). There are several techniques that the company offers such as chin enhancement, botox, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, forehead lift, verapulse and lip enhancement. Chin enhancement is also recognized as mentoplasty where there are instances that the bone is reduced. Eyelid lift is scientifically dubbed as blepharoplasty where it corrects puffy bags. Lip enhancement is where the outer sheet of the mouth is perfected.

Although you may think that you cant get Lip Enhancement done in your area you can.  Take for instance I live near Liverpool.  I have found an excellent company in Liverpool that specialises in Dermal Fillers in Liverpool.

Augmenting the breast is another cosmetic procedure done by Interface Skin Care (ISC). The doctors in the company have been well- trained to execute reduction, lift, augmentation and reconstruction. Reduction is to get rid of extra mass from the back due to the huge size of the front bumper. Lift is to bring back elasticity and firmness. Augmentation is technically identified as mammoplasty that aims to develop the woman’s figure. Reconstruction is only true to those that have undergone grave diseases such as cancer.

The body will always be part of ISC’s forte where cosmetic procedures consist of liposuction, hair removal and tummytuck. Liposuction can be of large benefit to anybody who desires to purge out unwanted fat immediately without the hassle of heading to the gym just to sweat out and lose all the calories. The cheeks, arms, buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen are just among the parts that can be improved.

Hair removal is where you desire to do away with any natural fuzziness on your body such as those on the armpits. The treatment will range from $50 to $500 where the patient will have to go through three to six sessions before completion. Tummytuck is called as abdominoplasty where it is a scientific approach that will constrict the muscles on the wall of the abdomen when it appears to be protruding.

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